Two key factors of PCBA processing quality

The entire process of PCBA processing includes PCB circuit board processing, SMT placement, component procurement and inspection, DIP plug-in post-welding, burning test, aging, assembly and other processes. The entire processing process involves a wide range of quality control details. If there is no very strict quality control standard, it will result. If the inspection standard is not strict or there is no standard to follow, it is very likely that a mistake in a small link will cause the entire batch of PCBA circuit boards to be scrapped or need to be repaired, which will cause serious problems. Quality accident.

Therefore, in order to summarize a standard test text for the details of quality control, we must understand what aspects and contents of the quality control of pcba processing mainly include?

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First of all, when we receive the customer’s specific needs, we first need to analyze the process required by the customer based on the customer’s PCB Gerber file and PCB manufacturing file. At the same time, we need to submit a manufacturability report (DFM) for the process. Many small processing plants and even individual companies that are not very strict in quality control and process management do not pay much attention to manufacturability reports. Just blindly take orders to solve problems in production. This seemingly time-saving and efficient method is actually the most prone to quality problems caused by customer PCB design defects. It will also cause a lot of rework and repairs. Not only the delivery deadline cannot be met, but also the cost increase.

2.Procurement and inspection of components

In order to ensure the stability and quality of components, it is necessary to strictly control the supplier’s purchase channels and the supplier’s qualifications. Generally, it is designated to obtain goods from large traders and original manufacturers, so as to avoid the use of second-hand materials and counterfeit materials. In addition, it is necessary to set up a special PCBA incoming inspection post to strictly inspect the following items to ensure that the components are free of failure.

PCB: Check the temperature test of the reflow oven, whether the fly-line vias are blocked or leaking, whether the board surface is bent, etc.

IC: Check whether the screen printing is exactly the same as the BOM, and store it at constant temperature and humidity.

Other commonly used materials: check screen printing, appearance, power measurement, etc.

If there is no problem with the PCB circuit board, there is no problem with the components. We can pay attention to detail control in the entire processing process, and the entire PCBA processing quality can be guaranteed.