What are the commonly used electronic components for PCBA patch processing

PCBA patch processing is applied to two processes in production, one is PCB circuit production and SMT patch processing, but some electronic components are indispensable in processing. These are the basis of PCBA patch processing. Next, the editor will introduce to you what are the electronic components?


1. Resistance

Resistors are electronic components with resistance characteristics and are one of the most widely used components in PCBA. Resistors are divided into fixed resistors and variable resistors (potentiometers), which play the role of voltage division, current shunting and current limiting in the circuit.

2. Capacitance

Capacitor is also one of the basic components in PCBA processing. It is a component that stores electrical energy. It plays the role of coupling, filtering, DC blocking and tuning in electronic circuits.

3. Inductance coil

Inductance coils are referred to as inductors and have the function of storing magnetic energy. Inductance coils are usually composed of a skeleton, windings, shields, and magnetic cores.

4. Potentiometer

A resistor whose resistance value can be changed, that is, a resistor that can be continuously adjusted within a specified range, is called a potentiometer. The potentiometer is composed of a housing, a sliding end, a shaft, a ring resistor body, and 3 terminals.

5. Transformer

The transformer is composed of an iron core (or magnetic core) and a coil. The coil has two or more windings. The winding connected to the power supply is called the primary winding, and the remaining windings are called the secondary winding.

A transformer is a device that transforms voltage, current, and impedance. When an AC current is passed through the primary coil, an AC magnetic flux is generated in the iron core (or magnetic core), which induces a voltage (or current) in the secondary coil. It is used for AC voltage conversion, current conversion, power transmission, impedance conversion and buffer isolation, etc., and is one of the indispensable important components in the PCBA machine.

6. Crystal diode

The crystal diode (i.e. semiconductor diode, hereinafter referred to as the diode) is made of a PN junction, electrode leads and an external sealed case, which has unidirectional conductivity.

7. Transistor

Transistor (hereinafter referred to as triode) is the core device for signal amplification and processing, and is widely used in PCBA machines.

8. Field effect tube

A field effect transistor (referred to as a field effect transistor) is also a semiconductor device with a PN junction.Unlike a triode, it does not use the conductivity characteristics of the PN junction, but uses its insulation characteristics.

9. Electroacoustic devices

The devices used in the circuit to complete the conversion between electrical signals and sound signals are called electroacoustic devices. There are many types of them, including speakers, microphones, headphones (or earplugs), transmitters, receivers, etc.

10. Optoelectronic devices

Photoconductive devices that use semiconductor photosensitivity, photovoltaic cells and semiconductor light-emitting devices that use semiconductor photovoltaic effects are collectively referred to as optoelectronic devices.

11. Display device

Electronic display devices refer to photoelectric conversion devices that convert electrical signals into optical signals, that is, devices used to display numbers, symbols, text or images. It is a key component of electronic display devices and has a great impact on the performance of display devices .

12. Sensor

A device or device that can sense the specified measurement and convert it into a usable signal according to a certain rule, usually composed of sensitive components and conversion components.

13. Surface mount components

Surface mount components (SMC and SMD) are also called chip components or chip components, which include resistors, capacitors, inductors and semiconductor devices, etc., with small size, light weight, no leads or very short leads, High installation density, high reliability, good anti-vibration performance, easy to realize automation, etc.

14. Thyristor

SCR is the abbreviation of SCR rectifier element. It is a high-power semiconductor device with a four-layer structure with three PN junctions, also called a thyristor. It has the characteristics of small size, relatively simple structure, and strong function. One of the more commonly used semiconductor devices.

15. Switches, relays, various connectors

Switches are used in electronic equipment to cut off, switch on or switch circuits. Relays are an automatic control device that jumps in output when the input (electricity, magnetism, sound, light, heat) reaches a certain value.

Regarding the commonly used electronic components for PCBA patch processing, I will introduce them here today. PCBA patch processing cannot do without these electronic components, and the performance and quality of electronic components also affect the quality of PCBA finished products, so detailed Understand the function of each component and choose carefully.